Mesa/Boogie EL-34 STR-447 Power Tubes

Mesa/Boogie EL-34 STR-447 Power Tubes
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The MESA EL-34 STR-447 is a premium grade, NOS (New Old Stock) equivalent and the tube of choice in the production of all new Mesa EL-34 powered models. It has a traditional EL-34 tone & feel that is very urgent and aggressive and is an excellent choice for all styles of gain, especially classic rock, alternative rock & metal. This tube is true to the crown with focused low end, crushing mid range crunch and crystal-like highs. This is one of our favorites for authentic British tone. Excellent structural quality provides exceptional consistency and reliability.

Stock in: Road King, Stiletto Ace, Stiletto Deuce, Stiletto Trident - Substitute in: Single Rectifier 50, Recto-Verb, Dual Rec, Triple Rec, Roadster, Mark IV (outside sockets only), Lone Star, 2:50 & Recto 2:100.

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